GC Damen 1: Late comeback not enough for points

GC Damen 1: Late comeback not enough for points

Starting at 11 in the morning at a lovely April Sunday morning, it looked like the GC ladies had yet to fully wake up. Luzerner HC had too much space and was very smart in using this to their advantage. We were able to improve ourselves in the second quarter, but with a great counter and smart short corner from LSC, we received 2 goals against us.

Finally fully awake, with a good crowd of supporters behind us, we started the second half. We found our groove back and were properly fighting to finish the game with points next to our name. The first success was after great effort from the entire front line: Nicky passing to Celi, who shot towards the goal, finished off by a final tip-in from Frances. Luzern was able to fight back and score another short corner, leaving us at 3-1. But, we were not done with them yet. We had a clear goal and were showing that we would fight until the end to reach it. We booked another success after a great attack from Luise, which Luisina finished with a cracking shot on goal, vanishing between the goalies leg into the goal: 3-2.

We kept on fighting but without success- the typical ‘if the game would have lasted a few minutes longer, we could have..’ We are happy with our ability to fight until the end, and not let the number on the scoreboard take our focus away, as well as taking many lessons with us to Geneva next week. We are still in the position we want to be, but we have to keep going to stay where we are. We finished the Sunday the weekend on a positive note with cake and drinks, fully with our head ready for the next game.  

Players: Tanja, Nicky, Blandine, Frances, Celina, Eline, Geri, Larissa, Lena, Luisina, Marieke, Marina, Theresa, Lula, Nathanja, Luise

Coach: Lucho