GC Damen 1: 3 Punkte im Heimspiel gewonnen

GC Damen 1: 3 Punkte im Heimspiel gewonnen

On April 7th, 2024, GC Damen 1 won against Servette HC with a final score of 1-0 at their home ground.
Both teams displayed great strength, making frequent substitutions to maintain intensity under the hot weather conditions.
GC dominated the first half, earning five short corners and showing their determination and many attacking opportunities. During the second quarter they scored the first goal after a well-executed short corner. Nicky's powerful shot found Marieke’s stick which deflected into the corner of the goal of Servette HC.

During the match Servette HC showcased a strong defensive game, particularly in one-on-one situations. However, GC created numerous chances, between 5-10 attempts on goal, and spent the majority of the game in Servette HC's half.
Despite a slow start in the first half, the GC came back stronger after the halftime break. They adopted a more aggressive mindset, moving the ball with precision and executing smarter passes to outmaneuver their opponents.
Although when Servette HC occasionally entered the GC half they became dangerous but their attempts got shot down by the well-organized defensive unit of GC. In the third quarter, Servette HC earned a penalty corner, however, GC's defense stood firm and securely defended the penalty corner.

Ultimately, GC Damen 1's collective effort led to a well-deserved victory and the team is very happy! However, we will have to keep working on turning our attempts on goal into actual goals. We look forward to bettering our play and being prepared against the Luzerner SC.

Tanja, Nicky, Blandine, Frances, Celina, Eline, Geri, Larissa, Lena, Luisina, Marieke, Marina, Theresa, Viola, Machteld, Luise