GC Damen 1: GCZ takes the extra point against Basel with shootouts

GC Damen 1: GCZ takes the extra point against Basel with shootouts

Grasshopper Club Zürich - Basel Hockey Club --- 0:0 (2:0 n.P.)
Following a rigorous four-week preparation phase after the winter break, GCZ was ready to take on Basel. The game started with GCZ displaying early dominance in possession and creating several scoring opportunities in the first quarter. However, all attempts to break the deadlock early on in the match did not work out. As the match progressed into the second and third quarters, the balance of play evened out a bit more, with both sides exchanging attacks without finding the back of the net.

The fourth quarter brought a fresh challenge as hail descended upon the field, adding an extra layer of difficulty to the playing field. Despite the diverse and hard weather conditions, GCZ continued to press forward aggressively, but Basel's defense managedto keep us from scoring, despite the numerous opportunities we created.
With the scoreline still level at 0-0 at the end of regulation time, the match headed into a tense shootout. GCZ took the lead through Lena's composed goal, while goalkeeper Tanja delivered a stellar performance, denying three of Basel's attempts. Nicky’s shot at goal extended GCZ's advantage before Tanja's heroics secured a 2-0 shootout victory.

Although the match ended in a draw, we are happy we had the upper hand during the match and the positive outcome of the shootout. We look forward to bettering our play before the game against Servette in two weeks' time!

Players: Tanja, Nathanja, Nicky, Blandine, Carolin, Celina, Eline, Geri, Larissa, Lena, Luisina, Marieke, Marina, Theresa, Viola, Machteld

Coach: Lucho