GC Herren1: Challenge in Wettingen

GC Herren1: Challenge in Wettingen

Playing under the unpredictable conditions of cold winds, light hail, and moments of sunshine, GC Zurich Herren 1 faced off against Rotweiss Wettingen Herren 1 in Wettingen. Despite a decent effort, our team was unable to secure a win, concluding the match with a 2-0 defeat. 

The match was closely contested from the start, with both teams showcasing their defensive strengths and leaving the score at 0-0 up until the third quarter. GC earned overall four penalty corners, while Wettingen had a goal disallowed from their second penalty corner due to a foul, maintaining the balance of the game. The turning point came in the third quarter when Wettingen managed to score from a chaotic situation within our D. This breakthrough shifted the momentum in their favor, and despite our disciplined play, which saw GC Zurich receiving a yellow card and a green card, and Wettingen one green card, we were determined to fight back.

In a decisive move during the last quarter, Coach Franco Romani intensified our efforts to equalize the scoreboard by taking out our goalie, Lukas Egloff, in favor of an additional field player. However, during this period of heightened attack, Wettingen was awarded a penalty corner from which they scored a flat goal. This moment sealed the victory for Wettingen, leaving us to reflect on the risks and outcomes of our strategic choices.

Rotweiss Wettingen's success was not just in their ability to capitalize on critical moments but also in their effective maintenance of high pressure, which challenged our build-up play. 

For GC Zurich, this match served as a valuable learning experience, highlighting both our strengths and areas for improvement. As the season moves foward we will undoubdetly face Wettingen for more important games. Whereas GC had a few key players sick/injured, today served as a clear reminder, that we must turn it up a notch, when these matches come.

Benjamin Eddy, Constantin Scheuer, Nahuel Salis, Fabio Landtwing, Lucas Harte, Timon Unger, Lars Bamberg, Joël Plambeck, Fabian Steiner (C), Oliver Haberthür, Lukas Egloff, Luca Frank, Lukas Müller, Imanuel Poulastrou Gonzalez, Pascal Gremlich, Philip Nitsch

Franco Romani