GC Herren 1: Cap off 6 Point Weekend in Olten

Hockey Club Olten - Grasshopper Club Zürich --- 0:2

On the 1st of October the GC men traveled away to Olten to secure a 6 point weekend after an ecstatic win against Rot-Weiss 2 the day before. Traditionally being a very tough yet exciting match for the GC men against Olten HC, this game was expected to be no different after the first two quarters. The GC men were on full attack mode controlling most of the game, peppering the Olten goal and circle with entries however the Olten men dug in deep to continue their quintessential scramble defense to keep the first half goalless.

Weary of quick counter attacks, the GC men were also ready for any long balls, cleanly

intercepting the few and returning the pressure and momentum to Olten’s goal.

The third quarter’s momentum didn’t change with sustained pressure remaining on the home team’s goal, yet the Olten defence did not budge. Outlasting a barrage of GC corners totalling twelve, the GC men were getting frustrated and nervous. However all was not lost as one GC player had enough. Late in the 3rd quarter, GC mounted another attack however this one was different as Pascal Gremlich playing outside left defender, made a supporting run all the way into the circle to find himself with a loose ball in front of a free goal to finally score the first goal of the game.

The final quarter was all high pressure, enough to form diamonds as Olten did not want to let go of the game this easy by continuing counter attacks and throwing dangerous balls into the circle.

This quarter continued much like the last with GC mostly piling on the pressure with little success. It was only until the final minutes of the game did newly appointed captain Benjamin Eddy capitalise on a short corner with solid walking forehand protection of the ball and putting it into the bottom corner.

Two goals up was too much for the Olten men to launch a comeback as the final whistle was blown.

GC Spieler:

Benjamin Eddy (C), Nahuel Salis, Fabio Landtwing, Jakob Siemssen, Joel Plambeck, Artur Von Ruffer, Milan Lohm, Oliver Haberthür, Lukas Egglof, Lucas Harte, Pascal Gremlich, Robert Keital, Roman Richner, Timon Unger, Patrick Krüsi

Tore: Pascal Gremlich, Benjamin Eddy

Coach: Franco Romani

Drone Operator: Luca Frank