GC Herren 1: Taking 3 points back home at the start of the season

Servette HC - Grasshopper Club Zürich --- 3:4

After a strong and entertaining weekend in Paris, we faced our first opponent of the season this Sunday and headed out to the most western part of the country, Geneva. 

During the preseason we played a tough but exciting game already against servette, which ended with a draw. With that game in our mind, we were determined to play stronger and dominate the game this time. 

After watching the first halve of the ladies’ team, which we congratulate with their well-deserved win, listening to the pregame talk of Franco, we headed out to play our game at Stade de Richemont at a nice sunny late-summer afternoon. 

Although the GC players started well, it was difficult to get close to the goal of servette. The opponent slowly became stronger with strong combinations on the sidelines, which GC find hard to counteract. 

As a result, Servette got more into the GC circle and got a penalty corner. A left corner shot brought GC 1:0 behind. Unfortunately, the Grasshoppers couldn’t turn the tide (yet) and Servette could make the 2:0 with a field goal. 

A break was needed and with strong and clear words from the coach, the players came back stronger. With better pressure and commitment, the first minutes of the second half turned out the be very important. A nice connection between Lucas Harte and Nahuel Salis gave Patrick Krüsi the opportunity to score the 2:1. Not much later it was again Patrick Krüsi, who was in the right place at the right time to score the 2:2. GC was back in the game and Servette was in trouble. 

However, the servette hockey players did not gave up and still could get through the GC defence with their counterattacks. A penalty corner gave them their lead back, 3:2. 

However, with more and more chances and penalty corners, it was Lucas Harte who could score the 3:3 and still let GC believe the 3 points where within their reach. 

With one more quarter to play and it was clear the Grasshoppers needed to stay calm to score that last goal.  With two yellow cards for Servette within a minute GC increased the pressure. Finally, GC managed to score the 4:3 by Fabio Landtwing with a penalty corner. With a more defensive set-up for the last 4 minutes, the Grasshoppers achieved their goal, had the 3 points in their pockets and could enjoy a fun train ride back to ZH. 

A big thank you to all the fans and their support this weekend!


GC Players:
Constantin Scheuer, Fabian Steiner ©, Fabio Landtwing, Hein van der Weide, Milan Lohm, Lars Bamberg, Lucas Harte,
Lukas Egloff (GK), Mischa Gubser, Nahuel Salis, Oliver Haberthür, Pascal Gremlich, Robert Keitel, Roman Richner, Timon Unger, Patrick Krüsi

Goals: Patrick Krüsi (2), Lucas Harte, Fabio Landtwing