GC Herren 1: A loss against Rotweiss Wettingen

Rotweiss Wettingen - Grasshopper Club Zürich  --- 3:0 

The first team made its way to Wettingen on a rainy Sunday morning to go up against current league leaders RWW. It was set up to be a hard battle between the two top teams and the weather would not hold back either. With a clear goal of bringing those points back to Zurich, the first team was determined to leave everything out there and gift nothing to the opponent.

The ball was rolling and as both teams found their steps in the first minutes of the game, the first opportunities arose. Wettingen turned up the pressure and tested the GC defence with balls through the circle, but without luck. GC managed to get better into the game and found itself on the counter with long aerials penetrating the opponents quarter. But it remained goalless after the first quarter. 

Much as the tempo of the game, the weather had picked up the speed as well, with even stints of hail covering the pitch with a light white cover. The teams had quickly found their feet again and scoring chances became a frequent occurrence. GC managed to put a lot of pressure on RWW resulting in a few minutes of dominance but unfortunately with no success. The referee blew the whistle for halftime, still at 0:0.

The game continued in the same fashion and shortly after the restart Wettingen managed to get a hold of the ball in the circle after a deflection of our own and found the way into the GC net. GC was determined not to let it affect their game and pushed for the offence. But it became a struggle to penetrate the circle as RWW defence had solidified and were keeping the GC strike force on a short leash. RWW eventually managed to convert the second shot of a corner after the Lukas Egloff had saved the first attempt.

The last quarter continued like the third one had ended with a lot of effort not being rewarded. In the end, GC took out the keeper and threw the kitchen sink but a counter from RWW resulted in open goal for the final result of 3:0.


With no points and a tiring game in the legs, GC was disappointed but still optimistic for of the rest of the season. There were still a lot of good points to take away from the game with the next weeks to prepare for EC, there is time to figure those out and improve. Thank you for your continuing support and we hope to see you soon again with three points in the bag!


Lukas Egloff (GK), Robert Keitel, Fabian Steiner ©, Joel Plambeck, Benjamin Eddy, Lucas Harte, Roman Richner, Luciano Ferrario, Patrick Krüsi, Artur von Ruffer, Fabio Landtwing, Pascal Gremlich, Luca Frank, Timon Ungar, Lukas Gebhard and Oliver Haberthür

Coach: Franco Fomani

Staff: Ron Stöckli & Philippe Nitsch