GC Herren 1: 2nd round Indoor - Too few points in Basel

On the second NLA game day, GC went to Basel to play against  RW Wettingen and HC Olten for a chance to become first in the league. The first gamely had earned us 6 points against Basel and BlackBoys. There, we showed a performance that needed improving if we wanted to get any points this weekend against top of the table RWW and Olten, that had shown a strong performance against last years champion Luzern.


Grasshopper Club Zürich - Rotweiss Wettingen --- 5:5

First up was RWW as first game of the day at Rankhof. A high quality game, where we tried to keep the pace with Wettingen, but them mostly dictating the pace of the game. We conceded some goals but were also able to bag a first by Artur von Ruffer. We stayed in the game and were also able to start pushing for results such as short-corners. Roman Richner was able to convert 3 short corners making it a very level playing field again. In the last  quarter of the game RWW decided to take the keeper out and play with 6 field players. After some pressure they were able to convert one and regain the lead. We were were able to get one past them only for the goal to again be disallowed for arbitrary reasons. Nevertheless our attacking front kept pushing and Oliver Haberthür was able to net one to even out the final score of 5:5. A high quality game and a definitive improvement from the week before.


HC Olten - Grasshopper Club Zürich --- 4:3

The next game was against HC Olten, an opponent with whom we have had our problems to play our system. Today would be no different. But determined to keep on improving and having had a good previous game, 3 points were the goal. This would could see us finish first in the league after day 2. We had solid start to the game and Patrick Krüsi was able to score our first shortly after the start of the game. We then took our time scoring the second one. Till then Olten was able to also score one to level out. Great performances saw Imanuel Poulastrou Gonzalez and Artur von Ruffer score to get us back on top. But the game was far from over and a hectic phase ensued where we didn’t hold the upper hand, resulting in 2 short corners and an individual play from a pressure phase from Olten scoring 3 in a very short time. GC regained composure and even gained a penalty stroke. But we were unable to convert it. 3:4 final score.


This left us with only 1 point from this game day. Perhaps that one point against RWW was well fought, but the bigger topic was the points lost against Olten. Something we will improve on till next week. 

We would like to thank the supporters who cheered us on from the sidelines. The next games will be next week against Luzern and Basel in Olten Stadthalle.


GC Players:
Pascal Gremlich, Oliver Haberthür, Robert Keitel, Patrick Krüsi, Joël Plambeck, Imanuel Poulastrou Gonzalez, Roman Richner, Constantin Scheuer, Fabian Starsich, Fabian Steiner, Artur von Ruffer, Lukas Egloff

Goals vs RWW: Artur, Roman, Oliver

Goals vs HCO: Patrick, Imanuel, Artur

Coach: Franco