GC Herren 1: Tough game against RWW --- 2 points for GC

Grasshopper Club Zürich - Rotweiss Wettingen  --- 1:1  (n.p. 4:3)

On a very cold Tuesday evening, we were set to face Rotweiss Wettingen, the reigning champions of Switzerland. It was set out to be a fantastic clash between the number 1 and 2 of last season. Even more so with all the supporters who had made their way to Hardhof to enjoy the game under the floodlights.

The goal of the team for this game was clear, not only points were important, but the way we wanted to present ourselves and to make another big step in the team development.

The game started open and intense, with both teams showing their attacking abilities in the first few minutes of the game. It was not long until the first goal would find its way in to the net. Wettingen managed to retrieve the ball and find an attacker at the very top of the circle, who finished with a tomahawk. The goal was met with different opinions and emotions due to some uncertainty over the striker's position during the strike. But the goal stood, and there was no other option but to look forward and keep the heads high. GC did just that. The game kept up its intensity with chances on both sides, with great saves and individual displays of skills, lifting the supporters from their seats. The first quarter came to an end with no change to the scoreline.

The next quarter continued where the first one had left off, a fast and exciting game between two great teams. Finally, the efforts of GC were rewarded with a shortcorner. Lucas Harte stepped up and launched the ball to the backboard of the goal and caused the blue and white supporters to erupt in joy and cheer. It was a deserved goal after being on par with RWW for the whole game and showing great character and composure. Soon enough, the whistle was blown for halftime and the two teams came together to make the necessary tweaks that would grant them the win.

With both teams getting more and more eager to grab the deciding goal, the second half became a slugfest. A lot of emotions rose to the top with cards being dealt on both sides. The game became more and more open as the teams became desperate to score and time was running out for both of them. With periods of high pressure from Wettingen, GC had to prove its defensive capabilities and rely on an excellent keeper, Lukas Egloff. The same scenario occurred in the opposite circle, where the Wettingen defense was put under pressure and had to see out the game. Without luck on both sides as the defenses stood strong, and the end result remained 1:1.

The shootout would decide who would get the two points and walk away as winners.

It was a bit ironic as the last time the teams played against each other was the championship final, which also ended 1:1 in the end, with RWW taking the win in the shootouts.

After the first ten shooters, both teams had converted two shootouts, meaning from now on it was sudden death. After a brilliant save by our keeper Lukas Egloff, our captain Fabian Steiner had the chance to keep the two points in Zurich. With a cheeky attempt to play through the legs of the keeper, he succeeded and secured the win for the team.

It was a well fought victory in which we showed a lot of character and strength, none of which would have been possible without the belief and trust we have in our teammates. Additionally, the fans, who turned up despite the late kick-off and barely even 10 degrees, led our team from the stands and gave us strength and motivation.

We want to thank everyone who attended the game and everyone who followed the game from home.

A special thanks to our coaching team, Franco Romani and Facundo Quiroga who are the roots of this team and lead us to performances like these.


GC players:
Lukas Egloff (GK), Fabian Steiner (C), Roman Richner, Jochen Klaages, Joel Plambeck, Milan Lohm, Luca Frank, Lukas Gebhard,
Lucho Ferrario, Lucas Harte, Lars Bamberg, Artur von Ruffer, Imanuel Poulastrou, Patrick Krüsi, Oliver Haberthür

Goals: Lucas Harte

Coach: Franco Romani