GC Herren 1: A hard fight against Rotweiss Wettingen

Rotweiss Wettingen Grasshopper Club Zürich --- 2:1

On a sunny Sunday the players of GC arrived after lunch at the Wettingen hockey club, ready to play an exciting game against the current leader of the league. 

After supporting the GC women’s team, which played before, the team went into the dressing rooms to get ready for the game and listen to game plan of the coaches. After the regular warming up routine, they changed their shirt, and the white blues were ready for the start.

And it was a heavy start. Although GC was able to keep the Reds away from the circle as Real Madrid did the night before, they couldn’t push forward and create the chances they had wished for. An unfortunate second penalty corner gave the team of Wettingen a second chance to score the first goal of the game. And with a strong shot from the second tower, they did and sent the GC players to the coaches for the 2 min break at the end of the first quarter. 

The second quarter, the white-blue shirts were playing higher on the pitch and could put more pressure on the opponent’s side. Longer periods of ball possession could be achieved, and an improvement compared to the first quarter became visible. It wasn’t surprising that a goal from the GC side was around the corner. With a sneaky pass into the circle from Lucas Harte, Pat Krüsi could score with a beautiful backhand, straight from the playbook, and brought the team back with the equalizer. The team went into the dressing room with a positive feeling, ready for the second half.

The blending low standing sun warmly welcomed the players after a strong pep talk from the coaches. The level of the second quarter could be contained and with the small adjustments, the GC players increased the number of chances and attacks from both sides into the circle. However, a corner brought the team back into a difficult position again and the team was again one goal behind. The GC players still kept fighting though and were convinced to show Wettingen what they were capable of. 

In the last quarter the team fought for their goals and the intensity was increased even more. Hard duals to steal the ball, discussions with the opponents and the referees, but also great respect for each individual, showed the great level of energy which was invested at Bernau this afternoon. Very dark clouds in the sky didn’t frighten the ‘White blues’ to keep fighting for the victory. Even the goalie was taken out from the goal, but the GC players could not turn the game around.

After all, it was a disappointment for the players from Zürich walking off the pitch without the three points today. A better ‘rombo’ for the counter defense would have helped intercepting more of the arial passes of Wettingen and prevention around the circle would have reduced the number of penalty corners the white-blues had to defend. However, the team is assured to have a very good chance against RWW again in the final four and can’t wait to let the ball roll again. 

The team would like to thank all the fans again for their great support this weekend!

In two weeks both GC mens and womens team will play against Luzern at Hardhof the last game of the season and hope to make it an unforgettable day!


GC Players:
Fabian Starsky, Hein Van Der Weide, Robert Keitel, Constantin Scheuer, Fabian Steiner, Roman Richner, David Roegiers, Lucas Harte, Luciano Ferario, Benjamin Eddy, Fabio Landtwing, Patrick Krüsi, Max Oswald, Lars Bambeck, Lukas Gebhard

Goal: Krüsi

Coach: Ron, Facundo Harte