GC Herren 1: Grasshoppers day trip to Geneva - SHC

Servette HC - Grasshoppers Club Zürich --- 2:2 (n.p. 5:6)

On the first game of the final round, the Grasshoppers men headed far west to Geneva to face off against Servette Hockey Club. SHC set the tone early starting with an attacking play from hit off and putting the GC men under pressure for much of the first quarter. SHC’s early pressure paid off after converting a well worked short corner. Not to be outdone too early, Lars Bamberg was able to pounce on an opportune moment from a loose ball in the circle, equalizing the game with a low right shot in the 2nd quarter.

The third quarter favoured SHC well as they controlled the game and pace and capitalized on a long over head pass, hitting a bouncing ball low into the corner. With SHC being dominant in the third quarter, the GC struggled to build effective attacks however at the same time were able to effectively nullify SHC attacks. However, in the early moments of the final quarter, proficient striker Fabio Landtwing was able to touch in a hip high cross pass bringing the final moments to a nail biting 2:2. Both teams were stressing attacking moments throwing everything they have at each other often with either one player down due to frequent cards or during the many match confusing flashes of play.  Neither team was able to break the deadlock which saw the game continue into shootouts.

The shootouts proved to be thrilling and tight as both teams had to go until the 8th round of shootouts until the GC goalkeeper Fabian Starsky flipped and flopped his way around to deny SHC the shootouts equalizer in the sudden death moment of the shootouts.

Although the GC men were victorious on the hockey field, the SHC men pulled one back and triumphed over the GC men at the sidelines on the boat racing table with a clear victory. Well played by both teams.


GC Players:
Fabian Starsky (GK), Robert Keitel, Hein van der Weide, Max Oswald, Constantin Scheurer, Fabian Steiner (C), Roman Richner,
David Roegiers, Lukas Gebhard, Lucas Harte,

Goals: Lars Bamberg, Fabio Landtwing

Coach: Luciano Ferrario