GC Herren 1: A comfortable Victory

Grasshopper Club Zürich - Black Boys Hockey Club Geneve --- 4:2

It was a Sunday full of Hockey at the Hardhof with 4 GC home games and a nice atmosphere with many supporters at the hockey pitch. The Man’s first team played against BBHC with again the goal to confirmthe positive results from the last few weeks.

GC was able to penetrate the D many times creating many score situations. They were though not able to succeed as much and found the goal with difficulty throughout the whole game. On the other side BBHC was able to make the most of their few attacking situations, scoring twice and keeping the game uncertain until the last quarter. GC managed to score with Lars (penalty shot), Max (short corner), Patrick and Oliver, setting the final score to 4:2 for GC.

This week GC will play in Olten and again on Sunday at home in Zurich at 14.00 against Lausanne. Hope to see everyone there and thank you for the constant support.


GC Players:
Fabian Starsich (GK), Philip Nitsch (GK), Hein Van, Roman Richner, Max Ostwald, Robert Keitel, Luca Frank, David Roegiers,
Fabian Steiner, Lucas Harte, Ben Eddy, Oliver Haberthür, Lars Bamberg, Fabio Landtwing, Patrick Krüsi, Michele Vanoni

Scorer: Lars Bamberg, Max Ostwald, Patrick Krüsi, Oliver Haberthür

Coach: Facundo Quiroga