GC Herren 1: Good start for the Masters

Grasshopper Club Zürich - Basler HC--- 2:1

It was the first game of the third and final round of the NLA Master of the season. In order to keep the dream of the Final Four in June still open a win was needed. The kickoff against Basel was scheduled at 15.00.

GC started with full pressure from the first minutes and quickly found a goal with Benjamin Eddy in the first quarter after a brawl in front of the opponent goalkeeper. Although the many occasions created after the first goal from the GC offensive, they could not finalize any goal easily anymore. The Basel team pushed back and on a short corner they tied the game 1:1.

In the last quarter, with both teams extremely tired due the sunny and hot weather, GC again found the advantage with Santiago Montelli. A nice shot leaves no chance to the Basel's goalkeeper.

The game ends 2:1 for GC. A good result to start the final round and be ready for next weekend's match in Geneva.

GC Players:
Fabian Starsich (GK), Philipp Nitsch (GK), Fabian Steiner (C), Jochen Klages, Hein van der Weide, Robert Keitel, Paul Westermann, Jakob Siemssen, David Rogiers, Roman Richner, Santiago Montelli, Oliver Haberthür, Benjamin Eddy, Lukas Müller, Michele Vanoni, Kaspar Kärcher

Goals: Benjamin Eddy, Sanitago Montelli

Coach: Facundo Quiroga