GC Herren 1: Promoted to NLA Master after 5 wins in the NLA Challenge

Grasshopper Club Zürich - Hockey Athletic Club Lugano--- 2:0

This Sunday was the last game of the first round of the NLA Challenge for GC Herren 1. With four wins in the first four games we already qualified to the NLA Master, starting on the 12.10.2019. The opponents on this warm Sunday was Lugano with a young and organized team.

GC started the game offensive and aggressive, creating many promising situations in front of the Lugano goal. But only later in the first half thanks to a perfect short corner execution GC managed to score. A shoot of Constantin Scheuer followed by a backhand deviation of Joël Plambeck and GC was ahead 1:0. At this point Lugano increased the intensity and tried to tie the game by creating some dangerous situations. However a well organized GC defense prevented them to score and the first half ended with no other goals.

The second half was characterized by many wasted chances especially from GC. A lack of accuracy from the strikers and a compact Lugano defense managed to keep the score 1:0. Nonetheless GC managed to score a second last goal, thanks to a good shoot of Jasper van Tilburg.

With this fifth consecutive win, GC finished the first round of the NLA Challenge in first place, and is promoted to the NLA Master. The new adventure in this season's top league will start in two weeks, and the players are already extremely looking forward to it.

GC Players: 
Fabian Starsich, Hein van der Weide, Robert Keitel, Constantin Scheuer, Roman Richner, Fabio Landtwing, Fabian Steiner,
Benjamin Eddy, Ferran Comas, David Roegiers, Lukas Müller, Oliver Habertür, Michele Vanoni, Fabian Burmann, Joël Plambeck, Jasper van Tilburg

Goals: Joël Plambeck, Jasper van Tilburg

Coach: Roman Richner