GC Herren 1: Clear defeat in Basel

Grasshoppers had the chance on Saturday to try the new field of Basel in a match against probably a direct rival for the future playouts. It was not the best day for the Grasshoppers though. The field itself, with a very fancy blue surface was not very convincing, very bouncy and not comfortable. The absence of many players didn't help either, since there was only one change left and not even this, since quite at the beginning the striker Rick got injured and couldn't play anymore.

Generally it was a very tough and physical match. GC started with very low concentration and tension. Basel was much better placed on the field and more aggressive. Their full pressure led to many mistakes on our defense line, with deficient passes and risky individual actions. In this way arrived the first goal from the locals, who as soon as they got the ball combined very fast until the net. On the first half of the match Basel was much eager for the victory, and so they scored again two goals more, again after mistakes from the Grasshoppers. GC was having many troubles on the construction of the game and the transition to the forward area. The middle field was too static and the area overcrowded from players, so there was not free spaces where from clear offensive actions could be constructed. With this very disappointing score came the end of the second quarter and time to readjust the team, specially the attitude.

The break solved that and the third quarter started with a much higher concentration; balls were fought and opportunities came, with a regular presence in the offensive area. Some penalty corners were gained and so came the first goal, after an strategy action between Fabio and Constantin. The rest of the second half time went much better, the team ran much more and spaces in the midfield were often created, allowing a better transition to the Basel area, were chances came. It was unfortunately too late for the reaction, as the 4:1 was a comfortable advantage for the locals, who even score again from a penalty corner on the last quarter.

GC players: Fabian Starsich, Constantin Scheuer, Joel Plambeck, Jonas Bandick, Jasper van Tilburg, Ferran Comas, Benjamin Eddy, Fabian Steiner, Fabio Landtwing Moritz Bitar, David Roegiers, Richard Coope.

Goals: Fabio Landtwing (Penalty Corner)