GC Herren 1: the match against RWW gets too long

The first men’s team came to the pitch at Hardhof again on Sunday, after their victory against Basel the day before. This time the opponent was much different, Rot Weiss Wettingen is leading the competition after winning all their matches. In this occasion our trainer Zenker came with 16 men onto the pitch.

GC started the first quarter with the same intensity as the day before, with much pressure and playing the ball very fast. Nobody would have said that they already played a match the day before. The team was able to create goal chances, as well as RWW, who managed to bring the ball from the defense to the attack very fast, but on the local’s area all occasions were blocked either by the defense, very awake, or the goalkeeper. One Penalty corner was given to RWW, without success for them.

Much better than against Basel, GC managed to keep the intensity during the second and the third quarter. All balls were fought by the locals, who managed to cut attacks again and again and so got the opponent upset, probably because they thought that it would have been a much easier game. From the third quarter RWW started to get more nervous, as their play was not as fluent as it had to be. GC in the other side started to get comfortable with the situation, investing forces to defend the draw rather than trying to score a goal. One may think that there was a lack of self-confidence there, as it should have been the moment to try to win the match. One green card for GC and another for RWW for cutting an attack with the foot were signs of the tiredness at this point of the game.

On the last quarter is when everything occured. GC kept trying to defend the goal while RWW used all their ammunition to reach the local’s area. Goal chances were getting more clear for them, through new Penalty corners, superbly saved by the goalkeeper Starsich, who really played a great performance during the whole match. Finally were the skills of the left midfielder of RWW what gave them the first goal, dribbiling four men while drawing a diagonal until the local’s area and connecting a pass which was deflected and went to the net through the legs of Starsich. That action encouraged RWW, plus left the locals with one player less, as Richner got injured on the goal. RWW kept pushing and pushing after the goal until finally they got the 0:2; GC had not the same freshness as the beginning and left a free man on the area who could score with a reverse shot. Meanwhile GC’s defender Dornbierer got injured also in another action and the match was over.

The referee whistled the end of the match leaving a bitter taste on the team, as until the las 15 minutes of the match they had chances to get it. In any case was a great performance of the locals, who gave everythng on the field and were enthusiastically supported by a big group of fans from the tribune.