GC Herren 2: Secured win against HC Wettingen

Grasshopper Club Zürich 2 - HC Wettingen --- 7:2

Neither the sun nor the drizzle managed to push trough on this grey Sunday morning at Hardturm. GC's bench was comfortably manned with 4 substitute players, double the amount of the visitors from down the Limmat.

Most of the action in the first half took place in the centre of the field. Both teams went on the offensive, but sloppy passing in the final 25 yards made the game lose its momentum. Luca opened the score by shooting the ball flat passed the HCW goalkeeper in a penalty corner phase.

Glen doubled the score for GC in the second quarter by placing the ball in the Wettingen net from the second post, this time following a free hit for GC close to the circle. On the other end of the pitch, the HCW central forward occasionally succeeded in dribbling his way into the GC circle, but Dorine's quick reflexes saved the 2:0 lead for GC into the half-time break.

The third quarter started with a demonstration of pressing tactics by GC. Steve firmly deflected the well-aimed assist from Tobias between the HCW defender and goalkeeper to put  the 3:0 on the scoreboard less than one minute into the second half. HCW responded with stronger counters, but were met by a fierce GC defence. The visitors made their first goal via a penalty corner, leaving the GC goalie without a chance after the rebound. Shortly afterwards, Luca flicks a penalty corner for GC tightly into the net. HCW brought the score at the end of the third quarter to 4:2 with a point-blank backhand shot in the top far corner of the net.

GC retaliated in the final quarter by scoring 3 times: Fedor skilfully outplayed the HCW keeper, and Tobias'  2 effective shots brought the final score to 7:2. A victory that thanks to the effort and focus of GC, was never really threatened.

GC Players:
Büehli, Fabio, Iustus, Pieter, Glen, Lorenz, Fedor, Frederik, Luca, Steve, Tobias, Andoni, Dorine (GK), Christoph, Ilya.

Goals GC: Luca (2x), Glen, Steve, Fedor, Tobias (2x)