GC Herren 2: Defeat against Basler HC 2 after sudden death

Basler HC 2 - Grasshopper Club Zürich 2 --- 3:3(7:6 n.P.)

With 4 substitute players we started confidently into the game. Luckily the goalkeeper of our U18 team Phillip helped us out.

Already the beginning showed that our opponents were quicker to react and overall more prepared than us. Seemingly still not quite awake our defensive play lacked precision what we were punished for by the first goal. Finally awake we managed to get some control back over the game and a combination of well played passes and an astonishing solo of Daan got us back with the 1:1.

Even though we played much better in the second quarter we were pushed into our half of the field which finally resulted in several penalty corners for the Basler team. Despite good defensive efforts one corner hit (1:2) and sent us into break.

The third quarter started and signs of fatigue showed on both teams. Our combinations got sloppy and controlling the ball was more difficult. However it seemed that the Basler HC 2 wasn't in perfect shape either and Sebastian capitalized (2:2). Now on fire we continued our pressure play and finally we got our own penalty corner: A clean snipe under the top bar by Andoni (3:2)!

In the final quarter of the game we were able to show some grip on the pitch. Unfortunately a quick conter by Basel was to much for our tired team (3:3). With only one more minute to go the Basler players got into our circle and the critical resulting penalty corner was defended leaving us with a shootout.

The shootout started really well for us. Tobias and Fabio both scored and our junior goalie Phillip held twice (5:3)! Unfortunately Basel could even out (5:5) and it followed sudden death procedure where we lost 6:7.

Special thanks to Raphi for motivating coaching!

GC Players:
Andoni, Daan, Lorenz, Sebi, Tobias, Fedor, Sebastian, Glen, Luca, Iustus, Matze, Steve, Ilya, Phillip, Fabio

Goals: Daan, Sebastian, Andoni; Shootout goals: Tobias, Fabio

Coach: Raphi