GC Herren 2: Outstanding performance with 6 Points to secure the second place

Relative far away from the relegation position, the second team of the club started the weekend in quite comfortable position, with nothing to lose. The goal was then to try to make as many points as possible and to generate more danger in the front, what actually lacked in the previous tournament specially against Red Sox (0:0).

Grasshopper Club Zürich 2 – Basel HC 2 --- 5:2

The team couldn’t do it better; with the same defensive strength and serious layout as always the team could block most of the balls and create dangerous counters, which led to many occasions and a very quick 2:0, one of them from a penalty corner from Hendrick. The Basel showed some reaction though with a goal by the end of the first half; concentration had to be kept high, and so did the team with a quick 3:1 after a nice run from Hendrick until the end line, right before giving it up to Ferran who surprised the goalkeeper with a direct shot. The game had to be fought though until the end; so did each member of the team running and blocking and helping, until 2 more goals from the bright Spörri were gathered as a prize. Very deserved and worked victory of the whole team.

Black Boys HC -Grasshopper Club Zürich 2--- 1:6

After just a match-break the team had to face an in the theory easier match, as it was against the last one in the table, Black Boys from Genf. The match was planned the same way as the previous one, with a very compact defensive work and trying to conclude the counters the team could get. It helped a lot that our team had a larger squad than the opponent, so the players were fitter and could keep the tempo until the end. Again in this match the player Hendrick could score another penalty corner, which opened a fruitful first half with 5 goals from many different players, against just one from the opponent, who took advantage of a minority-situation (green card for a “grasshopper”).

The second half was much chaotic, as the fatigue was affecting all players. The team could however, thanks to the changes and much run work, keep the match under control and even score another goal in the last minutes.

Again a wonderful determination from our second team, who could leave Luzern with 6 more points and the almost secure certainty to finish at least second on the table. Bravo!


GC Players:
Raphael Fux (Torhüter), Fedor Plambeck, Jannick Fenner, Jochen Klages, Enrico Albonico, Ferran Comas, Lukas Müller, Tobias Spörri, Sebastian Tham, Hendrik van der Weide

Coach: Jonas Bandick

Tore: Spörri (3), Hein (3), Ferran (2), Enrico, Lukas, Fedor.