GC Herren 2: Tight Result against HC Wettingen

Grasshopper Club Zürich 2 - HC Wettingen --- 2:3

The Men GC 2 Team travelled to Wettingen to play their final match of the season against HC Wettingen. Everyone was looking forward to show their skills on the field again, following a motivational speech by Fedor and a high participation grade during the Monday evening training. With three substitutes GC 2 had on paper enough ammunition to win this game.

HC Wettingen managed to score 2 times during regular time, which was not completely reflecting their strength. From our side, the good combinations that came forward during the latest training matches, were absent. Fedor pointed this out well by making us aware to opt for the easy option; look around to the left, right and behind, instead of hitting the ball instantly forward.

We decided to alter the team formation in the 2nd half of the game to pursue a more aggressive strategy. This immediately paid-off. We managed to bring the score to 2:1 and not long after to 2:2. Under the formation we played in the 2nd half, everybody was able to find each other easier, combinations were again working, and confidence grew. Unfortunately we did not manage to secure the victory during the shoot-out (which I had to skip due to an unplanned visit to the Notfallstation)

The last part of the game shows that we have the potential to make a great start in the 2nd half of the season. The formation of the team plays a key role and it might be good to test the different formations during the last few training sessions outdoor that are awaiting us. Looking forward to a great start in the 2nd half of the season!

GC Players:
Pieter, Sebi, Fedor, Tobias, Lorenz, Andy, Frederick, Matze, Luca, Claudio, Berend, Gero, Büehli, Robert

Goals: Fedor, Luca