GC Herren 2: Successful Sunday in Luzern

Great Sunday for the interests of the second Grasshopper's team in their objective to remain another year on the NLB. The team needed points after one of the worst start of the season, which made they stay on the last place with only 7 points.

Rotweiss Wettingen 2 - Grasshopper Club Zürich  2 --- 2:2

It was though to start that early (9.20) in a new sports hall in Luzern, with a difficult surface.
Furthermore against the Rottweiss Wettingen team 2, leader of the competition. Nevertheless all the players were aware about the importance of the first match in order to get confidence for the second one, against a direct competitor, Basel HC, so after a good warm up the whole team started very concentrated and aggressive. GC was very compact on the defense, cutting each one of the actions from RWW, very skilled and fast on the last meters. The first goal was for the Grasshoppers though, after a well executed short corner from Robert. The team had very little chances and it was important to seize them. The opponent tried and tried and finally they got one goal and then another one, which gave them advantage. The solid defensive attitude of the whole team was enough though, to keep this little goal difference. And so had Robert another chance, finding a long diagonal along the whole field before a crossed shoot to the other side of the goal keeper. RWW got quite upset and tried until the very last moment to win the match, but GC remain very concentrated and secured the draw.

Grasshopper Club Zürich  2 - Basler HC 2 --- 4:0

This temper and good attitude of the team from the 1st game were crucial for the aimed and very deserved victory on the second match. The team started as if it was the third quarter of the previous one and imposed a high speed and many passes. The goals were coming almost without effort, just keeping the pace and aggressiveness (it helped for sure the fact that Basel had only one match to recover) and so scored Jochen in a short corner, Ferran twice and Robert again, and they could have been many more. The team played a very serious match and got rewarded.

There is still one weekend to play though, were due to the tightness in the table everything can still happen.

Players: Raphael Fux (TW), Jochen Klages, Jonas Bandick, Robert Keitel, Matthias Leypold, Ferran Comas, Enrico Albonico, Moritz Bitar, Tobias Spörri.

Scorers: Robert Keitel (3), Ferran Comas (2), Jochen Klages