GC Herren 2: Defeat against Basler HC 2

The season started off well for GC 2. After 3 matches played we lead the 1st Liga with 9 points out of 3 matches. This weekend Basler HC 2 (ranked 2nd with 6points out of 3 matches) came over to the holy grounds of GC Zurich. With 3 substitutes on our bench vs only 1 on the Basler’s side we started the game with a solid portion of confidence.

Already early in the game it became clear that the guys from Basel went to bed early yesterday evening and that the various October fest activities started to have its effect on our side. Basel managed to play around faster than we did and we struggled to get control over the match. Nevertheless, Sebastian placed himself well in front of the goalie and managed to open the score in our favor (1:0)!

During the next minutes it seemed that the goal was a game changer for Basler who started to lean backwards. The Basler played many long balls which were not very effective until one shot got transferred into a penalty corner.  Basel successfully turned the corner into a goal bringing the score to 1:1. Slightly later another long ball by Basel was tipped in beautifully (1:2).  Half way the match now, it was GC’s turn to lean back. Only occasionally we managed to get close to our opponents goal. One of the opportunities found the foot of a Basler defender. The 1st penalty corner in our favor was utilized perfectly. With a strong sweep, Andoni found the net: - 2:2 now!

The joy did not last long as not much later Basler took over the lead again via a field goal (2:3). Luckily Claudio brought GC back into the game after a nice field goal as well (3:3)! With only a few more minutes to go one of the Basler players got into a collision with our goalie. The penalty that followed got scored and set the final result on the board: 3-4 in favor of the Basler.

Next match is in 2 weeks against HC Steffisburg (away game). We hope to strengthen our position then! Thanks to all our active supporters and referees today!

GC Players: Andoni, Gero, Daan, Lorenz, Sebi, Raphi, Tobias, Fedor, Frederick, Andy, Sebastian, Claudio, Jannick, Berend

Goals: Sebastian, Andoni, Claudio

Coach: all