GC Damen 1: Tough loss against HC Olten after an intense battle

HC Olten - Grasshopper Club Zürich --- 1:0

With two victories (6 points) and one loss in the current season we started super motivated in the match on Sunday against the girls from HC Olten. Due to hard work on the last trainings and working on our weaknesses with Coach Lucho we knew that we could challenge our opponents. Therefore, we started super strong in the first quarter by being aggressive and making a lot of pressure without allowing them to be in our half of the pitch. While looking on their faces we could tell they didn`t expect from us to be that present which pushes as even more. So, with some chances in their D which we unfortunately couldn’t use it to make a goal, we continued playing strong until the break (0:0).

After recharging our batteries, we continued making pressure and not allowing them to be in our D. Unfortunately, we had one weak moment where we didn`t pay attention so the Olten girls were able to play one long pass from their defense directly to the attacker which they immediately used and scored (1:0). After this little shock we continued pushing ourselves being as much aggressive as we could with all the energy we had left. Olten had more chances to be in our half of the pitch in the second half and they had some short corners but with our strong defensive and Goalie Tanja they couldn`t score more. We also had some short corners and chances to score but for some reason we couldn`t put the little yellow ball into the goal. The luck wasn`t on our side this time and playing an intensive and aggressive match with being the better team, we still needed to go home with zero points.

But nevertheless, we made the experience that we are head-to-head with one of the final four teams and if we continue working on our weaknesses that we`ll be able to compete with the best teams of the league.

Hasta el próximo partido,

las chicas de GC

GC chicas:

Blandine Lemaire, Delfina Krattiger, Eline Habets, Frances Steel, Geri Terzoni, Inga Bartels, Larissa Lüchinger, Lena Fleiß, Luise Krumbein, Luise Schlegel, Luisina Roby, Lula Guerra, Machteld Bögels, Marieke Pelt, Lara Recupido, Tanja Landtwing

Coach: Lucho