GC Damen 1: Successful season start

Servette HC - Grasshopper Club Zürich --- 1:4

After 5 weeks of preseason and a preseason team tour to Paris, GC Damen Landhockey came out ready to take on their opponent in the 1st match of the season. 

The GC Landhockey womens NLA team played Servette HC in Geneva on 10 September 2023. The stars were aligned. We supported the NLB team taking on their first match against the second team of Servette, which they unfortunately lost. 

Then it was our turn. The GC ladies team started out strong in the first quarter with no goals. In the second quarter GC got a little sun stroke and unfortunately conceded a goal to Servette's only shot of the half.

After motivating words from head coach Lucho, the GC ladies scored an immediate goal at the start of the half by Frances Steel after a pass from Blandine Lemare.

GC continued the momentum 5 minutes later, with the ball being deflected into the the goal by Geri Terzoni after a pass from Frances. GC kept pushing in the third quarter with another ball in the net from Inga Bartels after recieving a ball from Blandine Lemare and taking on the goalie for a successful 1:1.

The final goal for the GC ladies came from Domitilla Canesi's perfectly placed rebound during a penalty corner. The GC ladies ended the game with a 4:1 victory to start the season and looks forward to continuing the momentum for the matches to come.

Thank you to all fans and GC supporters that made it all the way to Geneva to support us. 

After supporting the men in their match, the party continued in the Party Zug back to Zurich. 

Off to a good season!


GC Players:
Anna von Orelli, Domitilla Canesi, Blandine Lemaire, Carolin Lim, Eline Habets, Frances Steel, Geri Terzoni, Inga Bartels, Larissa Lüchinger, Lena Fleiß, Luisina Roby, Lula Guerra, Madeleine Parish, Marieke Pelt, Lara Recupido, Delfina

Goals: Domitilla Canesi, Frances Steel, Geri Terzoni, Inga Bartels

Coach: Lucho