GC Damen: Close game but a loss

Black Boys Genf – Grasshopper Club Zürich --- 1:0 

The first half we could get some chances but the other team as well, it was quite even!

It was four quarters of really tense, exciting and good hockey! Both teams had a mission and tried their best! We played our game which is a great success, had chances, fought as a team and all in all Lucho said “I am happy” (but of course crying on the inside like all of us, because …. the result!!) in the last two minutes we received a contour attack and a very unfortunate goal!

We were pretty disappointed, but luckily we had enough time to buy beers and bubbles at the train station to enjoy our train ride back to Zurich.

At this point we also need to give a large schout out to Anna who rescued our ass in the back quite sometimes and Johanna who played an awesome debut!

Now we are looking forward to next weekend where we want to play an awesome match again and hope that many come to watch and cheer for us to get as many points as possible!


GC Players:

Anna, Valerie, Eline, Conny, Johanna, Blandine, Larissa, Domi, Fiona, Johanna J., Caro, Vicky, Geri, Nathanja, Maggy, Kim