GC Damen: 1st Round Indoor at Geneva

First indoor match for the GC ladies and our first destination was Geneva (yeay happy times !!).

Grasshopper Club Zürich - Luzerner SC --- 0:4

The start of the first game against Luzern was tough, we were chaotic on the field. The result of that were 2 short corner goals from Luzern in the first quarter. The second quarter was already much better, we started to get into indoor hockey and the match. 

Unfortunately, Luzern scored two further goals in the second half… despite this defeat, we could take away some important learnings the second match.

HC Olten - Grasshopper Club Zürich --- 8:1

The match against Olten started off really strong! Caro shot a goal right at the beginning!! Overall we improved during the match and were much more aggressive. Yet, we still need to work on a couple things, most notably sticks down!!  And avoid getting short corners against us! The final score was 1:8 … 

At least we had a lot of space in the train on the way back (that’s what happens when you skip the shower to get an earlier train ... smile ...

We look forward to the next games. 


GC Players:
Eline, Domi, Fiona, Conny, Caro, Juliette, Anna v.O., Tanja, Mareike

Goals: Caro

Coach: Lucho

Supporters: Viola and Thalia