GC Damen: Great spirit and defence

Grasshopper Club Zürich - Rotweiss Wettingen --- 0:2

Preparation for the big game against RotWeiss Wettingen already began the night before with motivational messages between the team and a good night’s sleep.

Sunday morning came, the sun was shining and everyone was excited. We wanted to show how good we are and how much we have improved over the last years. The game started and everyone was firing. GC’s defence was very strong and consistent. The midfield kept running throughout the game and made some great tackles. However, the strikers couldn’t put the ball into the circle or score a goal. 

The third quarter started and Tanja continued her strong performance stopping many shots on goals, 1 on 1s and short corners. We kept fighting into the fourth quarter but unfortunately GC gave away a short corner which led to a goal. We tried to keep up but soon after Rotweiss managed to get another short corner which led to another goal. The match finished with a 2:0 loss but the team was proud of our fighting spirit, great defense and big improvement from last year. 


GC players:
Tanja (GK), Andrea, Anina, Anna K, Blandine, Caro, Conny, Eline, Fiona, Frances, Geri, Josi, Kim, Larissa, Maggy, Viola