GC Damen: Up's & Down's against Rotweiss Wettingen

Rotweiss Wettingen Grasshopper Club Zürich --- 8:1

Today was the game against Rotweiss Wettingen.

First 5 min started off really strong from the GC side. RWW did not expect this energy from our team. They had to step  up their game in order to match the fight. Their advantage was in the many short corners, which gave them 4 goals in the first quarter.

The second quarter contained an explosion of happiness when we scored a goal. The goal was made by a fantastic pass from Kim to Frances and Frances scored.

Our third quarter was the strongest. The whole quarter stayed 0:0 by animal spirit and keeping up the fight from the GC team. Aggression remained present, we even received a green card at some point. Throughout the game, Rotweiss tried to take a stand but our goalie Fiona saved many hits - she did a fabulous job. Most of Wettingen's goals came from their short corners. Considering the game, we had many opportunities, so both teams were running back and forth across the pitch a lot. Each of our (only) 13 players gave its all, until the very last minute.

GC Damen, we are proud of you!


GC Players:
Annie, Cristi, Dolo, Fiona, Frances, Johanna, Kathi, Kim, Lara, Nina, Vali. Viola

Goals: Frances

Coaches: Lucho & Lucas