GC Damen 1: Home defeat against HC Olten

Grasshopper Club Zürich - HC Olten  --- 0:4

Olten came to Zurich expecting an easy win but we definitely made it hard for them.

GC started very strong with a good build up of the match, lots of ball posession and a very offensive game which resulted in the first half of the game being mostly played in the pitch of Olten. Everyone was fighting hard for the ball and was running over the whole field which is amazing as we also had four debutants in the NLA (Nina, Anna, Mareike and Emmi) . One of the writers would even state that this is the best GC game she ever played and undoubtedly the best of this season, even though it was almost doomed from the get go because of a lack of players. After a discussion with the team we decided to ignore the last seven minutes as they should definitely not overshadow the rest of the amazing game! 

But due to our obligations to our curious readers we will reveal the truth. Unfortunately, a bad tackle in our circle resulted in a seven meter and the Olten player managed to get the ball passed our goalkeeper Dorien. Sadly losing the seven meter wasn’t only a shot against the goal but also against our team mentality which had the consequence of another thee goals in the favor of Olten. Another seven meter, a short corner and a field goal. To sum it up we played an intense and strong game for 63 minutes, unfortunately losing it in the last 7. In the future we will work on handling setbacks better so that we can come back swinging.


GC Players:
Dorine (GK), Andrea, Anna O, Anne Sofie, Blandine, Caro, Emmi, Geri, Josi, Julia, Mareike, Nina, Vali, Viola

Lucho and Lucas