GC Damen 2: Big Victory against Stade Lausanne

Grasshoper Club Zürich 2 - Stade Lausanne --- 8:0

The GC ladies started the game with high hopes and eager to win. The game of the previous week against Servette had left a bad aftertaste, so we were highly motivated to show what we are capable of.

We began the game with a full bench, while Lausanne showed up with only 11 players. The first quarter was a strong one mostly spent in the opponents half. Nina finished it off with a nice goal in the near corner, but the one which stocked the motivation to score more goals.

In the second quarter we lost our focus a bit and couldn’t use the goal chances we had. In the break we collected ourselves and managed to gain control of the game again.

The third quarter was our strongest one with a total of 5 goals. Our champions were Caro with 3 goals, Valerie and Nathanja. Lausanne fought very well and even in the last quarter they showed great strength and the will to win. Despite their efforts we managed to shoot another 2 goals, one by Caro and another by Alba. The game was a success and not only because of the score but also because of the team spirit and our tactics having improved a lot over the past few week.

We are very much looking forward to the season and to more successful games.


GC Players:
Alba, Anna d.V, Blandine, Carolin, Domitilla, Fiona, Inga, Josephine, Julia, Kim, Lena, Nathanja, Nina, Sarina, Valerie, Viola

Goals; Nina, Caro (4), Valerie, Nathania, Alba

Coaches: Lucho, Lucas and Laura