GC Damen 2: Defeat against HC Olten 2

HC Olten 2 - Grasshoper Club Zürich 2 --- 4:1

The second match for the NLB GC girls this weekend was against HC Olten. GC started pretty strong which was rewarded by a short corner after 3 minutes of playing. Unfortunately the ball didn't wanna get in but after a few more minutes (~8th minute of the match) the second corner was given, sadly wasted again. The first quarter ended 0:0 with many corners wasted on both sides.

In the second quarter GC conceded a goal, because everyone was sleeping for a few seconds (0:1). In general, GC was the more dominant team in the first half, as they played nicely together, the ball were played out well which resulted in good goal chances and not to forget goalie Tilia saved a few risky balls.

After the half time break the girls struggled to find back into the match and Olten had more ball contacts which led to some counter corners and unfortunately to two more goals against. GC was able to reduce the score to 1:3 by a fantastic long pass into the striking circle, where Nina was waiting and placed her stick at the right time. Towards the end, the team ran out of breath and lost strength, meaning that Olten continued to have more ball contacts and GC was overrun, which led to another goal against, so in total GC left the pitch in Olten with a defeat of 1:4.

All in all, it was still a solid team performance, with a lot of great passes and some scoring chances, but they still need to be much better exploited.


GC Players:
Andrea, Anina, Cristina, Fiona, Inga, Johanna, Josephine, Kathi, Kim, Luise, Nina, Tilia (G)

Goal: Nina 

Coach: Sebi