GC Damen 1: Start into the new season

HC Olten - Grasshoper Club Zürich --- 5:1

The NLA season is finally here and today we started at full speed measuring us against Olten, the current champion.

We played 11 against 11 with Tanja, and later Dorine, protecting our goal. The first 10 minutes were tough and Olten scored twice, but after that we could better organize ourselves and started to push forward. Four minutes before the end of the first quarter our goal appeared, Dolo hit the ball into the circle and Frances did a very good deflection into the corner of the goal.The second quarter was tough, Olten had some penalty corners but none of them ended in goal. At the same time we were pushing hard to make another goal and tie the game. The half time result was 1:2.

On the third quarter Olten came out hard and they managed to score two goals towards the end. We were getting tired and it was hard to stop them, however we could improve a bit in the fourth quarter. Just as the last quarter ended, Olten had a penalty corner and scored their fifth goal and with that the match ended 1-5.

It was a challenging instance for GC and we enjoyed it a lot! We are confident that we can keep on improving our game and are looking forward to the rest of the season!!

GC Players:
Alba, Andrea, Anna K., Annie, Carolin, Dolo, Frances, Johanna, Lara, Laura, Lena, Nathanja, Sarina, Dorine, Tanja, Thalia, Vir

Goals: Frances

Coach: Lucas