GC Damen: A very convincing victory

Grasshopper Club Zürich - Servette HC --- 6:0

On Sunday, June 20th, the women of the GC played against Servette HC Geneva.  The game was very fast from beginning, despite the high temperatures. The team spirit was great. GC dominated the entire game and had many scoring opportunities. We started very dynamic and fast. In the 2nd minute Frances kept running along the left wing. No one stopped her and she hit a hard ball almost from the ground line through the goalies feet into the goal. A well deserved 1:0 lead. A couple of minutes later the second goal followed, a clear direct push from the top of the D by Julia.  Shortly after we again attacked the D and received a short corner. Josephine passed the ball to the left, from where Viola made a nice strike. 3:0. Some more very nice goals scored by other players. Towards the end we noticed the heat very much, the game became less fast and Servette now had the ball a little bit more often than the rest of the game and worked out several scoring chances and short corners, but which luckily could not be converted into goals thanks to our strong defense. The game ended with a deserved 6:0 win.

Last but not least we want to welcome Sarina in our team, she had her debut match with us and supported the team with some solid work as right midfielder.

GC Players:
Anna, Annie, Anne Sofie, Frances, Josephine, Julia, Kathi, Kim, Lara, Larissa, Sarina, Valerie, Vera, Viola, Virginia, Thalia (G)

Goals: Viola (2), Frances (2), Kim, Julia

Coach: Markus & Santiago