GC Damen: A defeat in the last minutes

Grasshopper Club Zürich - Basler HC --- 0:1

On Sunday the GC women’s team played a spectacular, but nerve-racking game against Basel. During the game the biggest goal was to play a clean game, meaning easy passes and using the back smartly. This was greatly done by the team, which for the first time this season played a match together. During the whole game, both teams showed their best sides, leading to neither team taking the upper hand in the game. Overall, the back played strongly always keeping their cool when building up the game. The first half of the game the strikers really put pressure on Basel, causing a few mistakes in their team and giving the GC team the opportunity for counterattacks. However, these attacks sadly didn’t lead to any goals. In the last quarter, a short corner for Basel led to the 0:1 for Basel.

Dorine von Overbeck (K), Thalia Ender (K), Anna de Vries, Anna Krumbein, Anne Sofie Abels, Anina Heinsohn, Fiona Hansen,
Frances Steel, Josephine Uit den Bogaard, Katharina Jäger, Lara Recupido, Larissa Lüchinger, Madeleine Parish, Nathanja Verburg, Valerie Gentzke, Viola Trippe

Coach: Markus Ruckstuhl & Santiago Montelli