GC Damen: A successful Sunday

Basler HC - Grasshopper Club Zürich --- 2:4

We are happy!

But let's start from the beginning. We played with 8 players on the pitch in Basel with Dorine and later Tanja as our goalie. The first quarter began with us pushing forward. But nothing dangerous happened in front of the goal. Then a slowly pushed ball landed in our goal, 1:0 for Basel. However, we really wanted those 3 points and Frances scored the important first goal for GC. During that time and later on, Lara steadied the defence with her calmness and strong passes.

The half time result was 1:1. Perfect score for a fresh start. But we were a bit too sleepy in the third quarter and after a lot of short corners against us, Basel scored again. But today we had Frances, our golden girl. We received a short corner and Frances scored again. Now we were once more thinking about our 3 points. Viola hit the ball high towards the goal and Dolores saw it coming, took the volley and there was our goal, 3:2 for GC. The bench was standing for the last 10 minutes because the athmosphere was so tense. Markus tried to calm down the girls on the pitch and the bench. Next situation in front of the goal: free hit behind the quarter line. We shot the ball towards the goal where Frances was ready. Goal !!!! Very relieving for everyone, especially for the girls on the bench. The final score against Basel was 4:2 and we are very happy!

Fun and successful Sunday for the GC ladies.

Dorine (GK), Tanja (GK) Anna, Lara, Vera, Anna, Viola, Kim, Fiona, Conny, Johanna, Isabell, Larissa, Frances, Nathanja, Dolores

Goals: Frances(3), Dolores

Coach: Markus