GC Damen: Wake-up call after corona

Rotweiss Wettingen 2 - Grasshopper Club Zürich --- 2:0

After a long hockey break the hockey season has started again! Last weekend the Men’s first and second team and the Ladies’ team entered the pitch for their primary games in Wettingen.

After some intense fitness hours of Francisco during quarantine, the first trainings with our new coach Markus, and a 30 mins run in the morning to wake up we were ready.

Our youngster Lara had her debut with the Ladies’ team and also the Spanish (Christina) and Uruguayan (Dolores and Maggie) transfers had their first game with GC !!

We started the game off strong and put good pressure on Wettingen. And with success multiple chances were created which we can be very proud of. We were on their side of the pitch for most of the first half and went into the break with a solid 0:0.

During the second half of the game Wettingen was getting stronger and gave us a hard time. They were able to use their opportunities and managed to make two goals which was very unlucky for us.

In our opinion the end score is not a reflection of the overall game and we are confident that next week with this team and this ambitiousness we can get ourselves the 3 points!

Over all it was a good game and we learned a lot and know what we have to work on! And the loser beer tasted good anyways :)!

GC Players:
Offense: Nathanja, Dolores, Christina, Maggie, Julia
Mid-field: Conny, Kim, Fiona, Larissa
Defense: Vera, Anna (Ger), Anna (NL), Viola, Lara
Goalies: Dorine and Tanja

Coach: Markus