GC Damen 2: First Games of the season

On Sunday we played indoor games against Red Sox and our own GC1 at Falletsche.

Grasshopper Club Zürich 1 - Grasshopper Club Zürich 2 --- 2:1

Our first game of the day was against the GC1 team. We started well in the first half with good ball possession. Anne Sofie scored from a deflection in a short corner after lots of pressure from GC2. We pushed hard in the counter attacks to try and find another goal. In the second half we came under more pressure and unfortunately had two goals scored against us, one through a short corner. All in all an exciting game to play against players we know well. Final score 2:1 to GC1. Big thanks to Tina and Dorine for coaching us!

Grasshopper Club Zürich 2 - Red Sox --- 2:5

The second game of the day was against the Red Sox (in orange socks). We started strong with a tip-in goal from Isabelle within no time! Following two short corners against us, the orange socks managed to score two goals. However, this didn’t take us off our guard. Good team talk from Tina (thank you Tina!) kept us calm and structured. After a pep talk from coach Ron, the second half started off well with another goal scored by Isabelle. To quote Ron “The last 10 minutes can change everything” and so it did…. as the opponents scored again and the game ended with a 5:2 end score to Red Sox.

Nevertheless it was a fun game and the loss was soon forgotten while spending the afternoon at
the Christmas Market!

GC Players: Tilia, Anina, Anna d.V, Kim, Fiona, Anne Sofie, Conny, Frances,Isabelle, Johanna

Goal Scorers: Anne Sofie Abels (GC1), Isabelle Nijman (2) (RS)