GC Damen 1: Indoor season starts with an internal GC derby

Grasshopper Club Zürich 1 - Grasshopper Club Zürich 2 --- 2:1

The entire GC squad woke up early on sunday for the hardest match of the indoor season, GC Damen 1 vs GC Damen 2, we all wanted to win our match but at the same time we wanted the other team to win as well. Before the match we splitted for the technical talks, GC1 preparing with Ron and  GC2 with Tina from the first boys team. With the GC1 we decided to put friendship aside and take the 3 points from them. This was easier said than done because we knew they had very strong players on their side.

GC2 was focused right from the beginning, starting with a warming up even before GC1 has left the changing room. Half sleeping, we decided to go for a run outside in the cold to wake us up and get us into the game mode. This helped, and even though both teams started really strong, the first goal of the match was against us. After a while we managed to break their defense and score two more goals to win the match. This was a really tight victory and we want to recognize GC2 for their fighting spirit, since they kept fighting until the end to win the match.


Rotweiss Wettingen 2 - Grasshopper Club Zürich 1 --- 3:2

After a victory against our beloved GC2 we had to face Rotweiss Wettingen 2. Knowing that they have some strong players, this was a difficult opponent but we were willing to do our best to beat them. Tanja said some wise words in which she said that we did not need to win the game, but she wanted us to battle them fearlessly- if we would go down, we would go down with a fight and in style. After an extensive talk about tactics with our coach Ron, we entered the pitch focused and ready to fight the youngsters from Wettingen.

The entire match was divided between the two of us but Wettingen managed to convert their goal opportunities into goals faster than us. During the latest minutes of the match, we were seems losing 3:0, but we weren't willing to give up. This is why we made some magic and managed to convert 3 goals against our opponents in the last 3 minutes of the match. Very sadly and to our great frustration, the referee only saw 2 of our goals.  This meant that we lost the match in numbers, but for us it felt like a victory, as we managed to regain trust and realized that we are a strong team that can overcome

Happy and hungry we went to the Zurich main trainstation to enjoy some nice Glühwein with our fellow GC2 girls at the christmas market. a perfect ending of the first hallen-weekend and ready to bring 6 points home next weekend.

GC Players: Juliane, Tanja, Nadia, Vera, Tanja, Maria, Susie, Viola, Virginia, Larissa

Goal Scorers: Tanja Melle (2) (GC2), Larissa Lüchinger (RWW2), Susan Dappen (RWW2)