GC Damen: Klares Resultat gegen Union Sportive Terre Sainte

Union Sportive Terre Sainte - Grasshopper Club Zürich --- 0:13

Today we played against USTS. It was a long trip to the lake leman. So we met already at 06:20 and traveled by train to Coppet.

The pitch was a soccer field, which was of course for us a disadvantage. The ball was hard to control and the lines not marked clearly confused us in the beginning. It was a three quarter field,  so we played with 8 players and there was only one referee.

The first quarter of the match went well because we made some goals, but we didn’t really show how we can actually play. We trained hard the past weeks so we needed to show more of what we could do. After the 2nd quarter Ron told us that it was important to stay focused and that we couldn’t think that we already won the match.

The other two quarters where much better. We played together as a team. In the end of the game the final score was 13 goals for us and zero goals for USTS. Despite the intense sun and the ball easily jumping around we fought for the goals that we made.

After a great snack provided by USTS we traveled back to Zürich.

GC Players: Anna K., Dorine, Fiona, Frances, Isabelle, Johanna, Juliane, Kim, Maria, Nadia, Susie, Virginia

Goals: Frances (5), Maria, Fiona (3), Susie, Isa (2), Nadia

Coach: Ron