GC Damen: Break the losing streak!

Grasshopper Club Zürich - Red Sox Zürich --- 5:0

This past friday was a bright and sunny day, and we are not talking only about the weather here but also about the GC damen that entered in the pitch with the right foot. The past months have been hard for the team, but not hard enough to make us lose the fighting spirit. 

With some great new players and a well rested team from the summer break we came out strong and ready for a win. During the first quarter we scored our first goal, with a great shot from Agostina and the perfect last tip from Julia! A great combo from two great new additions to the GC team!

Soon afterward we scored a second goal, a beautiful action from Agostina, our new star! We kept up the strong team spirit throughout the match, keeping control of the ball and experimenting with how to best work together on the short field and with a new team. And many more lovely goals from our new Argentinian force. 

After a hard fought the GC Damen came out victorious and very happy! However, we all know that we are capable of playing much better as a team and with even more energy and fight! Looking forward to an exciting rest of the season! 

Players: Tanja, Tilia, Conny, Dinah, Julia M., Juliane, Larissa, Maria, Nathanja, Susie, Vera, Virginia, Agostina

Goals: Julia Mührer, Agostina Lovagnini (4)

Coach: Ron