GC Damen: A hard fight for the GC ladies

Rotweiss Wettingen - Grasshopper Club Zürich --- 9:0

Sunday was the final match of the GC season, with the Rot Weiss as the advisory it proved to be a hard match! The tactic was to take the game one quarter at a time. Truly focusing on playing our best during those 17:30 minutes, then re-focusing and re-evaluating ourselves to make the next quarter even better.

The first quarter started out strong. The Rot Weiss girls scored a quick goal at the very beginning; however, we held them off until the very end of the quarter. By the end of the first quarter it was 0:2, however Rot Weiss was already clearly frustrated.

Quarter two was difficult with lots of scoring opportunities for the Rot Weiss team. Dorine had many great saves, however after 35 minutes of play the Rot Weiss team managed to have some great plays, leaving the quarter 0:3 and the score at the half 0:5.

Following a nice halftime speech by the one and only Ron, the GC girls were ready to fight! The third quarter was well fought with some great pressure from the forward line. Lotte really gave the Rot Weiss defenders a hard time and their frustration was evident from their lack of accurate passing and ever more frequent aggressive shouting. In addition, Conny sacrificed her foot for the cause, we were all a bit worried but she was quickly back on the pitch in full force. A hard fight from everyone helped us to finish the third quarter 0:1!

Coming into our last quarter of the season we knew it was going to be tough… the Rot Weiss girls were mad, we were feeling a bit exhausted, and we knew we had to fight our very hardest. Some excellent and extremely determined defense from Emily, Fiona, Vera, Viola, and “Hanna” really held the team together and made it very difficult for Rot Weiss to execute on their goal opportunities. The final quarter ended 0:3 but the GC girls fought hard the whole time, ending the season on a difficult note but as a committed and determined team!

GC Players:
Conny, Dinah, Emily, Fiona, Hanna, Isabelle, Johanna, Lotte, Susie, Tanja, Vanesa, Vera, Viola, Dorine

Coach: Ron :)