GC Damen: Closing the indoor season with a victory

And off we went…to our last indoor matchday of the season.

Destination: Lucerne

Objective: win both matches

Since we had played against both teams (Servette HC & HC Wettingen) already, we knew what we were up against. With still the last 2 matches in our minds, that we both won, we were eager to continue this winning spree!

Servette HC - Grasshopper Club Zürich --- 0:7

Straight from the start we were putting a lot of pressure on Servette which resulted in numerous chances for us. After Vera scored the first goal of the match, more of us followed, which led to a 0:5 going into breaktime. During the break, Ron gave us a few good pointers, to keep us on track and to make sure we would continue to keep the pressure up on the team from Geneva. We added another 2 goals, 1 from Nathanja and Vera scored the last one of the match: a high tip-in after a super pass from Tanja.


Grasshopper Club Zurich – HC Wettingen --- 2:2

After a 10 minute break from the first match, we could go straight into our 2nd and last match of the day. Only advantage of this being that we did not have to do the warm-up again.

Ron reminded us of the fact that this match would going to be different than the first one and that it was even more important to play well together and to make sure to make the passes between players even more and better once we would be in the HCW circle.

The team from Wettingen however put on a good fight and reached our goal before we reached theirs. Not giving up easily, we followed with a goal, from Vera (another high tip-in if I’m not mistaken) and the second goal came from a 2to1 between Lotte and Isabelle and the goalie of HWC which resulted in another goal for our team.

The second half of the match could best be described as a bit more chaotic than we wanted. Passes were not as sharp anymore as earlier in the match and the timepressure to score another goal in the remaining time, did not help. We had another few changes, but unfortunately the ball did not end up where we wanted it to be. With this the end score was 2:2.

All-in all we can be happy with the result for a great indoor-season in which we build up on our tactics, improved our techniques (and condition), and best of all the joy we’ve had during trainings and matches! Now let’s bring on the outdoor-season!
This Dutchie can’t wait to go back to the Hardhof field!

A special note on this occasion to Nathanja, as it was her first matchday playing with the GC ladies team…and she immediately scored 2 goals! Well done Nathanja!


GC Players: Tilia (TW), Fiona, Julia, Laura, Lotte, Isabelle, Tanja M., Vera, Nathanja

Goals: Vera (3), Nathanja (2), Tanja (1), Isabelle (1), Lotte (1), Julia (1)

Coach: Ron