GC Damen: Good start of the indoor season

Grasshopper Club Zürich - Servette HC  --- 8:1

December 1st: together with the cold weather and Christmas markets, the start of the hockey indoor season has finally arrived. We already had some good practice with the Indoor Tournament in Freiburg and of course the training sessions, so we were well-prepared and excited to play our first matches. After the pep- and prep talk from our coach Ron and the warming-up, we were ready to score some goals....and that we did! Although the first goal was actually against us, we quickly recovered and were able to increase the pressure on the team from Geneva. By playing well together, we created many chances and Tanja (3 goals), Fiona (2 goals) and Viola, Vera, Fieke (all 1 goal) made sure that we collected the first 3 points of the season! All in all, it was a good first indoor match, although there was still room for improvement.

Rotweiss Wettingen 2 - Grasshopper Club Zürich --- 3:1

We tried to take these lessons with us to the second match one hour later, which was an entirely different game. Against the ladies from Rotweiss Wettingen the pace was considerably higher and their experienced players were continuously putting pressure on our defence. However, we managed to stay organized and to build up our attacks patiently, which led to a few chances on our side. Still, we could not prevent that we entered into half-time with 2:0 against us on the scoreboard. After the break, we focussed on precise and more frequent passing and it only took a few minutes before Viola scored an impressive goal, coming in from the right side of the circle. This goal clearly made the opponents nervous, as we were eager to score another one and continued to look for ways to breach their defence. In the end, however, Rotweiss played more aggressively as well and the match ended in 3:1 against us.

Although we were very satisfied with our performance during the matches, we also had to say goodbye to Fieke, for whom these were the last matches with GC. We will miss her a lot and wish here all the best back in The Netherlands!

GC Players: Tilia (GK), Dorine (GK), Tanja M., Emily, Johanna, Fieke, Fiona, Isabelle, Vera, Lotte, Viola

Goals: Tanja (3), Viola (2), Vera, Fieke, Fiona (2)

Coach: Ron