GC Damen: Swiss Cup - An unlucky defeat

Basler HC - Grasshopper Club Zürich –-- 2:1

Last Saturday we arrived in Basel for the first game in the Swiss Cup. We were very motivated, having a strong and large team, and ready to win against Basel!

The first two quarters went really well, we dominated the game, were able to play several beautiful attacks, had 2 short corners and finally managed to score through Isabelle!

Unfortunately this turned in the second half. While Basel put a lot of pressure on us we managed to defend our goal in the third quarter. After an unlucky corner goal against us, Basel immediately scored a second time. However we continued fighting for the rest of the game, with an amazing team spirit, and a lot of commitment.

In retrospective, when I think about our first game in the season, we improved a lot! We learned to rely on each other, integrated new players in the team, we are now able to play out Ron’s new tactics, and gained a lot of confidence on the field!

On the way back we celebrated in our minibus, annoyed Ron with our tasteful music choices and went out for a huge cordon bleu dinner and to karaoke bar. Many thanks to the team and to Ron for this amazing outdoor season! We are all already looking forward to the next one ...

GC Players: Clara, Conny, Dinah, Dorine (TW), Fiona, Fleur, Isabelle, Johanna, Lotte, Nani, Sophie, Tilia (TW), Vane, Vera, Virginia, Wendela

Coach: Ron

Goals: Isabelle