GC Damen: A game without fire at Basel

Basler HC - Grasshopper Club Zürich –-- 2:0

Early on Sunday morning we had to gather for the game in Basel at 1 pm. The lucky part of the team went by car and the other part had to travel by train.

After arrival, we went into the changing room, while Ron was mentally preparing himself for the speech. With his magical sticky piece of paper, which is shaped like a hockeyfield, he explained what the plans were for this game. This way, we all got very excited to go onto the pitch.

When the warm-up was (finally) done and everybody was ready: Anpfiff!

The first quarter was not very exciting on both sides. There were not many dangerous attacks and the ball mostly stayed around the middle line. 0:0

The second quarter was not very different from the first. However, we got one short corner (which we will not further discuss). 0:0

The third quarter was not our best one. We lost the 'fire' during halftime and had to deal with 2 goals against us... schade. This disappointing beginning of the second half had shaken us awake. We started fighting again and gained a little more faith. 2:0

Eventually, the last quarter. Everybody knew we had to give it all to get at least something out of this game. After some tough duels, real fighting of the team and approximately 92735 short corners against us in the last minutes, the Schiri ended the game. 2:0

Overall, we played well together and created some threat. However, we did not really find the 'fire' during this game. This is going to be something we will train on Wednesday.

We could use all the support next Sunday, when we play against RWW @ Hardhof !!

GC Players: Claudia, Conny, Dinah, Fiona, Fleur, Isabelle, Johanna, Laura P., Lotte, Sophie, Tilia (TW), Vera, Viola, Virginia, Wendela.

Coach: Ron