GC Damen: A taste of our potential

Grasshopper Club Zürich – Black Boys Geneva --- 1:2

Wow what a game it was today! We were able the turn everything Ron taught us at the trainings into reality today: we switched from left to right and back again, and most importantly we enjoyed playing together. Sure, we are always together on the pitch, but this time it was differently: we were really playing together! 

Black Boys Geneva was able to score the first goal with an unstoppable hit. However, we didn’t let our head down. Leaving Black Boys Geneva frustrated, we kept giving them a hard time even after their second goal. All of us working together lead to multiple opportunities with the goal of Noortje as the icing on the cake.

Although we lost with 1:2, I think we can say we were the real winners today.

It was a game with mixed feelings: sad to say goodbye to our new top scorer and great mid-fielder Noortje, but at the same time proud of our progress. This tastes like more!

We will miss you Noortje and we wish you all the best back in The Netherlands !

Clara, Charlotte, Dorine (TW), Emily, Fleur, Isabelle, Johanna, Lotte, Mieke, Noortje (C), Sophie, Vane, Vera, Virginia and Wendela.

Coach: Ron

Goals: Noortje