GC Damen: Back on the field

Rotweiss Wettingen - Grasshopper Club Zürich  --- 14:0

After the test match last Sunday, we got ready to face Rotweiss Wettingen in a difficult match. From the start they put lots of pressure on us, which we could defend well for three of four quarters.

The first quarter finished 2:0 for Wettingen. At halftime break it was 5:0. The third quarter appeared to be somehow unfocused which resulted in lots of goals (8) for Rotweiss. During the fourth quarter we were back on track and Wettingen only managed to convert one more goal.

Throughout the match Wettingen got about 10+x short corners, which our defenders defended with various parts of their bodies, so that Rotweiss was only successful in two of their attempts. Tilia and Dorine did a great job with numerous safes.

All in all we had three good quarters, unfortunately the match had four ...

GC Players:
Anne Sofie, Conny, Dinah, Dorine, Isabelle, Julia, Lynne, Nadja, Nani, Nina, Noortje, Tilia, Vanesa, Vera, Viola, Virginia

Coach: Ron
Assistant: Lous