GC Damen 2: Last round of the NLB Indoor Season

Last Sunday was the final indoor match of the NLB team. Everyone was stoked to win both matches, since this could be realized with our strong lineup and upcoming opponents.

Servette HC - Grasshopper Club Zürich  2 --- 0:4

In the first match against Servette, we had a strong and aggressive start scoring two goals within two minutes by Anne Sofie and Nani. After that we lowered a bit the pace of the game, finishing the first half without any goals against us.

In the second half Laura scored a great goal, with the assistance of Cat's and Dinah's great passing combination. Finally, we got a short corner in our favor and Nina scored to the final result ... 4:0 for GC !!!

Grasshopper Club Zürich  2 - Red Sox Zürich --- 1:5

After the favorable result of the match against Servette, we were eager to beat Red Sox and finish our season with two victories. However, Red Sox had also a strong team and made it hard for us to connect passes and score some goals. Although we had our enthusiastic supporters cheering for us, the result of the match was not what we expected since we lost 5:1. This result could have been much worse if it wasn’t for our amazing goalkeeper Tilia, since she did a great job in the goals with multiple spectacular saves.

Although we lost our final game we had a lot of fun during the day! We really want to thank our supporters and of course our coach Marcel for coaching us during the whole season.

GC Players:
Tilia Schneider (TW), Dina Bha Idden, Nina Claus, Nina van der Veen, Isabelle Nijman, Anne Sofie Abels, Virginia Friedrich, Laura Poulastrou, Cathalijn van Rijmenam

Goals: Nina, Nani, Anne Sofie (2x), Laura

Coach: Marcel