GC Damen 2: First match day of 2018

Grasshopper Club Zürich  2 - Red Sox Zürich --- 3:4.

On a beautiful grey Sunday morning, the NLB ladies team gathered after the Christmas break for the first indoor match of the new year. This was the Züri derby against Red Sox.

We started off very aggressively and well organized and quickly pushed through to our 1st goal, made by Janina. Red Sox played more and more aggressively as well, but was unable to score a goal in the 1st half. Nani, however, had a great maneuver towards the Red Sox goal via the right side of the field and played the ball to Isabelle who deflected it nicely into the goal. We went into break time with a score of 2:0 for GC.

In the 2nd half, Red Sox started off with more pressure and were quickly able to score a goal. However, we countered this when Isabelle got the ball, made a quick turn and scored the 3:1. Unfortunately, we found it difficult to stay focused for the remaining time of the match, which led to three more goals for Red Sox. Therefore, this Züri derby ended in favour of Red Sox 3:4.

Rotweiss Wettingen 2 - Grasshopper Club Zürich  2 --- 3:2

Our 2nd match was against RW Wettingen 2 and after another briefing session with Marcel, who had some good pointers for us, we were ready to get our 3 points. Anne Sofie joined us for the 2nd match which meant that we had one extra fresh player for this match. Of course we were not the only ones coming prepared...Rot Weiss scored their first goal in the first few minutes. We kept our tactics and defence up and our goalie, Tilia, had a couple of good saves. We were able to keep the 1:0 until close to the half time break, when the 2nd goal for RW Wettingen fell. 2:0 half time.

The breaktime did us well...we got some renewed energy and spirit and it paid off. We got a corner and Nina shot the ball right between the legs of the opponent’s goalie. With 2:1 on the board and another 15 minutes to go, we knew this match was far from over. We got us another corner and this time it was Lynne who scored the goal, flat over the line in the left corner. With only a few minutes left, both teams fought hard to obtain the 3 points. RW Wettingen succeeded in the end as the ball dribbled over the line into our goal. End result 3:2 for RW Wettingen.

Although we lost both games, we clearly improved our play during the day and had a lot of fun! Big thanks to Marcel for coaching us through the day and the lovely ladies Mathilde, Lous and Mieke for cheering us through the match!

GC Players:
Tilia Schneider (TW), Dina Bha Idden, Nina Claus, Conny Hopf, Lynne Scollay, Lotte, Nina van der Veen, Isabelle Nijman, Janina Rinne, Anne Sofie

Goals: Janina Rinne, Isabelle Nijman (2x), Nina Claus, Lynne Scollay

Coach: Marcel