GC Damen 2: Bringing home one more point

Luzerner SC 2 - Grasshopper Club Zürich  2 --- 8:0

After a long journey to Geneva, through the beautiful snow landscape, we arrived in the old wooden hall. We started the first match against the aggressive players of Lucerne. In the first minutes the Lucerne girls scored from a short corner, something they repeated several times throughout the match.

GC played with a lot of energy, and the attackers where keeping the middle closed very well. We tried to keep the spirit high, but Lucerne was definitely better organized. We lost the first game with 8:0.

Straight after the match we decided not to feel bad and focus on our second match. We had a positive tactic discussion with Mathilde as our coach. And we remembered: Going to Geneva was about having fun in these games!

Grasshopper Club Zürich  2 - Servette HC --- 2:2

The second match we played against Servette. We started strong and full of energy. Within a couple of minutes we had our first short corner. Sadly it didn't go in. After 10 minutes playing Servette scored out of a short corner. But we didn’t let our game be influenced. Servette was leaving the sides opened, and we used them to create nice combinations forward. We got several changes on the goal before the end of the first half.

After 2 minutes into the second half we got a short corner again. And this time Lynne passed the rebound to Conny who scored a beautiful high left corner goal. Unfortunately we let our guard down, and left some players of Servette opened in front of our goal, so they quickly scored the 2:1. Immediately we were wide awake. We started communicating better, and had some saves and strong passes around the field. Laura made it up to the circle and got a pass from Lynne. She scored with an unexpected backhand push. It was a great match, we had a lot of fun and the teams were equally strong. Which shows in the result of 2:2.

With a beer in the train we were celebrating our one point of the day!

GC Players: Tilia Schneider (TW), Laura Poulastrou (C), Dina Bha Idden, Nina Claus, Conny Hopf, Vanesa Rocha, Lynne Scollay, Lotte, Nina van der Veen, Hanna Wettstein

Goals: Conny Hopf, Laura Poulastrou

Coach: Mathilde Dupin